Pronto Invisible VOLUMIZING DRY SHAMPOO SPRAY & Kyle White

SHIMMERING HIGHLIGHTS AND RICH GLOSSES....are an easy way to tone down ruddiness or tune up your summer glow.  "You can counteract whatever is unflattering in your skin tone with your hair color," explains New York City's Oscar Blandi Salon colorist Kyle White, who's responsible for Mariah Carey and Uma Thurman's head-turning highlights.  "Just as you would avoid red sweaters if you have a lot of pink in your face, warm-toned hair will bring out a flush, while cool colors can minimize it.  But if you have an ashy or olive complexion, cool shades will make you lok more green.  Warm, golden hues are more flattering."

GOLD RUSH:  According to White, hair should never be the same color as skin: "It completely washes you out.  Platinum is a big trend this season, but if you're super-pale, you're going to look like an albino."

BROWNIE POINTS:  For your ideal brunette shade, White suggests looking at a childhood picture.  "Nine times out of 10, that's the color you should have.  After you hit puberty, your hair starts to darken and lose its luster," he says.  Andtoo-dark hair can look harsh and aging, especially if you're over 35.  

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